Andrew Wheeler at EPA

Scott Pruit is out, but his policies and the Trump administration’s climate denials, embrace of the coal industry, and gutting of the EPA continue under Andrew Wheeler

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Potholes Mean no Light Rail in Indy

The Indy Star reported today that the GOP controlled state Senate decided to not take up the repeal of the light rail ban over concerns about potholes.

This is just one more instance of how Indiana is falling behind the nation in embracing green collar jobs, and efforts to reduce the harmful impact of carbon dioxide we pump into the air.

Future of Transportation

The Internal Combustion Engine is facing the beginning of the end, so argued Peter Holley of The Washington Post.

It’s relevant locally because it is budget time in Monroe County. The Council has its second reading of the budget October 30th. Attend if you can.

But if you haven’t been paying attention don’t fret! County Councilman Geoff McKim does a great job breaking down the numbers on his blog. This is a must read for Monroe County!

One of the interesting things about Indiana is the reliance on cars. The proposed county budget allocates $6.8 million to “highways” and another $1.6 million to “roads and streets”. 

While we all travel on these roads and appreciate their upkeep, the cars travelling on those highways and roads might change. 2017 might mark an economic moment when “electric vehicles went from a promising progressive fad to an industry-wide inevitability.”

In fact, there are already five electric charging stations in Monroe County and Indiana University has begun adding all electric cars to their motor pool.

You can read the Peter Holley’s article in its entirety here.

The Age of the Human and Shifts in Thought

The Anthropocene is here (if you are like me and didnt know that much, click the link to watch some great TED talks). This global phase is felt locally and has garnered action, paricularly from local Monroe County churches, who continue to reflect their concern for the environment.

 St. Thomas Lutheran (ELCA) is one of these, celebrating a month long push. Season of Creation takes place throughout September at St. Thomas. Themes of this month permeate the church’s liturgy, education, advocacy, and community outreach. Many of the tools used comes from church web resources. A book recommended is titled Season of Creation.

A part of the past week’s service included adult education looking at the creation story in Genesis through the lens of the Anthropocene. In addition, phone calls to the Governor were urged by members who also belong to the Indiana Forest Alliance

Efforts like these are now common locally. In fact, there are many other houses of worship who are similarly engaged in environmental and sustainability initiatives, making Monroe County a green haven in Indiana.

Time is Runing out on Solar in Indiana

With net metering being altered at the end of this calendar year, many in Monroe County are taking the opportunity to learn more about solar power on their homes and places of worship. Already, Trinity Episcopal, Unitarian Universalist Bloomington, Friends Meeting Bloomington, and Columbus Unitarian are expanding their solar arrays ahead of the deadline. These places of worship are saving up to 10% on installation costs through a program called Solarize Bloomington Phase 2. This program is run by the City of Bloomington and SIREN.

There is an upcoming informational session this Tuesday, August 22 at 7pm invite Bloomington Council Chambers in the Showers Building downtown Bloomington. This is an informational session for those interested in taking advantage of this timely opportunity. 

If you Have questions, please contact the City of Bloomington or SIREN.