Herald Times Green Stories are on Target

The past two days has seen a number of great Environmental articles written in the Herald Times by Carol Kugler @ckugler) and Ernest Rollins @fromernestdesk. You can support this work by subscribing online and by following these reporters.

Today, there were three excellent stories on environmental topics.

Yesterday, an excellent report on

Enjoy the reading but don’t stop there. Volunteer at a local environmental group!


Taxpayers Saved $80,000

Over the past two years, environmental improvements at Monroe County buildings have saved taxpayers $80,000.

These improvements were outlined in a presentation to the Monroe County Commissioners this morning. You can watch this brief presentation on CATS. A pdf of the longer report will appear on this blog.

Electonic Recycling is a Hit

Community Electronic Recycling Day 2018

The lines snaked up and down Curry Pike today with people waiting almost an hour to recycle electronic materials.

Once at the front, tall rows of electronics grew larger as new materials were unloaded from waiting cars.

Cook Group sponsored the event at the old GE site which Cook purchased recently. Cook Group has been posting pictures on Facebook.

This is one more example of how important environmental protection is in Monroe County. It would have been so easy to throw away all these old Tvs and electronics, but the hundreds of cars that came through chose to wait in line to recycle!

75 Years

This Saturday, come hear Joe Peden speak. Check out this video of Joe Peden; chances are you have been on the farm he and his wife run in Monroe County.

He and the rest of Monroe County celebrate the 75th Annual Meeting of the Soil and Water Conservation District. Among other things they help make cover crops affordable for area farmers and keep septic systems running.

The event is Saturday, February 24 from 9am to 12:30 at St Paul United Methodist Church on West 3rd St. Tickets are only $10 and can be found on Eventbrite.

At this event you can also learn about hoop houses, small plot invasive species, stormwater systems, and pasture management.

What is Gnarley Tree?

I didn’t know either until last night’s Monroe County Environmental Commission meeting, and it further came into focus with the front page article in today’s Herald Times.

Gnarley Tree is a new company in Bloomington which has already racked up an impressive list of clients including the World Bank.

They just picked up a new client: the City of Bloomington. You can hear more about what Gnarley Tree and COB are planning Wednesday February 01 from 4-6pm in City Hall Council Chambers in the Showers Building. I hope you can make it!

EPA’s Gina McCarthy Offers 3 Reasons to be Optimistic

EPA Admin  Gina McCarthy at Indiana University

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy came to Bloomington last night. Read her (bio), and follow her on Twitter (@ginaepa).

She offered three reasons to be optimistic despite a Trump Administration’s proposed 31% cut to the EPA budget.

  1. We are living in the midst of a Clean Energy Revolution that doesn’t depend on Washington budgets, but is driven by the markets. This is clearly evident in Monroe County by the growth of solar installations on County and residential structures. She mentioned that this revolution could move faster with government investment, which we are seeing in Monroe County!
  2. A Transportation Revolution is on the horizon. Driverless vehicles and electric cars are rapidly developing. Numerous countries are also looking to ban the internal combustion engine. McCarthy also warned that China will soon lead the way in green technology and US companies will be looking East to catch up. Fortunately here in Monroe County there are already electric car charging stations, as I wrote about in October 2017.
  3. McCarthy urged unity and continued effort which is something Monroe County is very good at doing! To this end two groups brought Administrator McCarthy to Bloomington. Indiana University’s Environmental Resiliency Institute and the newly formed Concerned Scientists at IU.

The EPAs Janet McCabe was also in the audience. The Monroe County Environmental Commission brought her to Bloomington in 2016 for a talk on the Clean Power Plan.