Herald Times Green Stories are on Target

The past two days has seen a number of great Environmental articles written in the Herald Times by Carol Kugler @ckugler) and Ernest Rollins @fromernestdesk. You can support this work by subscribing online and by following these reporters.

Today, there were three excellent stories on environmental topics.

Yesterday, an excellent report on

Enjoy the reading but don’t stop there. Volunteer at a local environmental group!


GE Focuses on Wind and Solar

GE Solar Panels on Carport

At the end of June, GE announced it was shrinking to grow. Spinning off much of its other units it will retain three key manufacturing industries: engines, solar, and wind.

GE’s focus on solar and wind is important as it shows these areas as what GE believes to be growth sectors.

The Monroe County Environmental Commission holds the same view. Our latest data show consistent savings to taxpayers when investments are made in solar on County buildings.

Solar Panels on All Homes?

The State of California is poised to usher in a requirement that all new homes and multi home structures be built with solar panels. The LA Times reported that these changes will take place in 2020. The rule would also include a provision for a minimum amount of insulation. These are ambitious efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This story might seem far fetched in Indiana where our legislature creates disincentives for solar on residential. However, I counter that what California does now, we will be considering in a decade.

Predictions aside, follow the ambitious regulations coming out of California. It certainly gives food for thought.

Electonic Recycling is a Hit

Community Electronic Recycling Day 2018

The lines snaked up and down Curry Pike today with people waiting almost an hour to recycle electronic materials.

Once at the front, tall rows of electronics grew larger as new materials were unloaded from waiting cars.

Cook Group sponsored the event at the old GE site which Cook purchased recently. Cook Group has been posting pictures on Facebook.

This is one more example of how important environmental protection is in Monroe County. It would have been so easy to throw away all these old Tvs and electronics, but the hundreds of cars that came through chose to wait in line to recycle!