The Rise of Extreme Rain

It’s raining in Monroe County.

While our rain is a blessing, it goes without saying that the deluge in Texas and Florida as a result of hurricanes Harvey and Irma are catastrophic. The vast amount of water dumped on these communities is something that we haven’t seen before.

David Leonhart wrote an excellent piece in the New York Times on why we are seeing this now, entitled “Irma, and the Rise of Extreme Rain.” He shows why warm air carries more moisture than cool air. Naturally as the water warms with climate change, the hurricanes and tropical storms will continue to drop large amounts of water on these coastal communities.

The article ends with these words: “Welcome to the era of extreme rain. We can continue to pretend it’s all a coincidence and watch the consequences mount. Or we can start to do something about it — by using less of the dirty energy that’s changing the climate and by preparing for a future that’s guaranteed to be hotter and rainier.”

The Monroe County Environmental Commission is working locally to do something about it!


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