New Year of Environmentalism in Monroe County

urban_forestry_center_arboretum_portsmouth_nh_-_img_8236Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s been a month; time really flies around the holidays. I hope yours went as well as my family’s!

It’s 2017 and the Monroe County environmental blog is back with exciting changes to the way this county is working to protect the environment and to educate the public about ways we are moving forward.

Of course, how can you ignore the national news as the President-elect works to put together his team ahead of his inauguration? But we’ll leave those developments for a future post. Now, the local stuff…

First, to kick off the new year a new slate of County officials were sworn into office, including our new commissioner Amanda Barge. The Herald Times had good coverage of the event.

Second, the wheels are churning on the Monroe County Urbanizing Plan which will modernize zoning in the county while setting out clear environmental protections for Karst features and best practices for approaches to stormwater and urban runoff. There are also provisions to continue the County’s development of greenways.

Third, the name of this body has changed to better reflect the work we do. Instead of the Environmental Quality and Sustainability Commission, we are now simply the Environmental Commission.

With the New Year you can expect to see the commission encouraging the County toward urban forestry, increasing energy efficiency in County buildings, and publishing an annual report detailing energy savings.

Members of the Monroe County Environmental Commission wrote this post. Their charge includes “educating the community and engaging residents and businesses in supporting initiatives which will help ensure a healthier and more economically viable future for the County.” The public is welcome to attend these meetings the second Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm.



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