Recommended Update on Environmental Policy

1107_paris-agreement-1000x663There is something big happening tonight and while I should have been posting yesterday, I was phone banking…

Diane Rehm, the award winning radio journalist and author, did a great show earlier this month on the environment. The show can listened to or the transcript can be found online. She and her guests provided an in-depth analysis of recent environmental policy. Update your base of knowledge on issues such as coral bleaching, western Antarctic ice sheet retreat, Miami’s concern about rising sea levels, the Montreal Protocol and the seeming end of CFCs, and the upcoming Paris Agreement talks in Morocco.

The panel of experts is worth following. If you are like me and can’t ever seem to keep up with reliable environmental news, they can help:

  • Amy Harder (@AmyAHarder) is a reporter covering energy and climate policy at The Wall Street Journal
  • Chris Mooney (@chriscmooney) energy and environment reporter, Washington Post
  • Cary Funk (@surveyfunk) associate director of research on science and society, Pew Research Center

Of course, you should add this blog to your rss reader, as we update this page with local information weekly.


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