Solar Panels are About to Become Even Cheaper…

pvpanelsSolar is expanding in Monroe County and the City of Bloomington is making it cheaper for you to install panels on your home or business!

In an effort to put new PV panels up at City Hall and at Police headquarters, the city plans to put out a request for proposals. The vendor will include a per watt price as well as installation costs for area residents. The bundling of the two large City projects will help reduce the per watt price for area residents. While the city will not be a party to private agreements between the home owner and the solar installer, they are helping residents reduce the cost of installing panels on their homes.

If you have questions about this great opportunity, please contact the City of Bloomington’s Department of Economic and Sustainable Development.

Another similar program is being advocated by residents of Elm Heights and Bryan Park in Bloomington who will band together to make a larger purchase of solar panels which will reduce costs for everyone participating. More information can be found at

The good news is that local solar installations are increasing and cost continues to decrease. Moreover, you and your neighbors can band together and reduce costs based on the Elm Heights model!

If you would like to know more about solar in Monroe County or find an installer, Siren Solar is an organization that “has been a leading educator and promoter of renewable energy and energy conservation in the state of Indiana”. Contact them and discover how fast solar has grown in Monroe County at

Members of the Monroe County Environmental Commission composed this post. Their charge includes “educating the community and engaging residents and businesses in supporting initiatives which will help ensure a healthier and more economically viable future for the County.” The public is welcome to attend these meetings the second Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm.


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