Grasping Water

hands-waterFor those of us who live in or near Bloomington, Indiana the environment is very near and dear. But keeping track of all the resources, how to stay educated, and where to become involved is like grasping water.

Monroe County boasts three lakes for boating, fishing, and swimming. We also get our drinking water from at least one of those lakes. The water also supplies shelter, food, and rest to countless species of resident and migratory animal. To see these beautiful creatures, there are miles of trails through the woods, meadows, and wetlands. There are dozens of parks, miles of bike paths, and land set aside for future generations through Sycamore Land Trust.

In order to protect these resources and educate the residents, caring citizens have come together to form all sorts of organizations. Some of these you might know: Sierra Club, Green Drinks, and more. Other organizations are home grown and are less known, although the work they do is as important: MC-IRIS, the Indiana Forest Alliance, Earth Care, the Center for Sustainable Living and even more. The number of these groups alone can be mind boggling.

This blog’s goal is to keep readers updated on opportunities and important issues to help navigate the overwhelming world of resources that is Monroe County, Indiana. We hope you enjoy the content, and we’ll see you out in the beauty of nature.


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